Ohana Staged Interiors displays your listing to its full potential, maximizing space, light, and shape.

Every new listing deserves to look like a model.

Ohana's uses a Transitional Style.  We want potential buyers to see the house, not the stuff.  Our goal is to make every house the star! We want the staging to point out the special unique features of each house with an elegant and clean look.  A high level of design and a great deal of thought goes into each and every staging.  We take everything into consideration when we plan how we are going to stage your house.  We consider the colors of the counter tops, walls, lighting fixtures, cabinets, paint, trim, and any unique designs within the house.  Everything that we put into your house has been customized to complement your house to show it in it's best possible light!



It is a “Do It Yourself” project. The cost for a Walk and Talk is approximately $250.00 depending on size of house and scale of project.


We will stage your vacant property within your budget restraints.  The initial estimate appointment is complementary. We will come to your property and take photos and measurements and present you or your client with a prompt proposal.  

mixed media

Full service of planning, execution and staging for an occupied property where we will use the occupant’s furnishings and bring in some of OSI items to stage your property.

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