About Us

Meet the Team Behind Ohana Staged Interiors

Wendy Leonard

Wendy has a bachelor's degree in General Art from California State University at Long Beach.  She was an elementary and middle school teacher for many years and then a stay-at-home mother who hardly stayed home for 12 years raising her two daughters.  After a divorce and returning to teaching, Wendy found herself laid off due to budget cuts and in need of a job.  She remarried and reinvented herself as a business owner and entrepreneur and Ohana Staged Interiors was born!

Together with her husband, Lamont, they create and design elegant and beautiful spaces in homes for sale.  A high level of design and a great deal of thought goes into every project that they execute. Their philosophy is that every home is the star and deserves to look like a model!  Everything that is put into the home is to accentuate the homes unique features and to highlight the positives.  

Lamont Leonard

Lamont Leonard is a corporate trainer and professional musician.  He blends his artistic and administrative skills to assist in making the Ohana clients' experience smooth and successful.