Ohana will stage almost anywhere in SoCal! See why well-designed and expertly-executed staging works and call to schedule your estimate today!


2073 Nobleview Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

This house had multiple offers on the first weekend it was listed. It sold right away and for $50,000.00 over asking price! 

1411 S. Alma Street #2, San Pedro. CA

This condo received multiple offers the first weekend that it went on the market.  This property sold for $40,000.00 over asking price!

 835 Locust Avenue Unit #211, Long Beach, CA

This loft had been on the market for 2 years and 4 months without any activity! Lofts are challenging to stage because they are just large rooms without dividing walls.  This two-story loft looked absolutely stunning after it was staged!  It went into escrow within the first three weeks and for full asking price!  Proof positive that staging works!

2007 Marina Ave., San Pedro, CA

This house had several offers and sold for $50,000.00 over asking!  The buyer loved the way the house looked so much that he also purchased most of the furniture and furnishings in the house!

629 Ultimo Ave. Long Beach, CA

This mixed media project made an already beautiful house just absolutely stunning!

5000 Lauderdale, La Crescenta, CA

Went Into Escrow in 6 Days!

2281 E. 6th Street Long Beach, CA

We just de-staged this house three weeks after staging it!  It went into escrow 6 days after it was listed!  

2517 West 177th St. Torrance, CA

This house was on the market for 119 days.  It had a lower than asking price offer that fell out of escrow.  We staged it and it got 2 full price offers!  It went into escrow in 9 days! Proof positive that beautiful well planned and executed staging works!

5 Buckboard Ln. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

12672 Susan Ln. Garden Grove, CA

This house went into escrow 2 days after it's first open house!  We are de-staging this house next week only 5 weeks after the day we staged it!  Another great success story!

176 East 218th Pl., Carson, CA

4910 Petit Ave.

4021 West 182nd St. Torrance, CA

Another great success story! This condo was on the market for 158 days. We staged it and it is now in escrow! 

3112 Andazola Court, Signal Hill, CA

This was previously listed occupied for 89 days.  The owner moved out and we staged the vacant home and it went into escrow in only 9 days! Five weeks later, we are already de-staging this house next week!

5984 Elmwood Road, San Bernardino, CA

Yes, San Bernardino!  We will go where we are needed!  We staged this house and in 5 days it went into escrow!

4045 East 3rd Street #205 Long Beach, CA

This one bedroom and one bathroom condo looked so beautiful.  It went into escrow 2 days after it listed!

7300 Lennox Avenue K5, Van Nuys, CA


2801 Sepulveda Blvd. #120, Torrance, CA

2613 S. Kerckhoff Ave., San Pedro, CA

55 Via Costa Verde, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

803 E. Victoria Street Unit #118, Carson, CA

7421 Santa Domingo Way, Buena Park, CA

5521 Paraguay Drive, Buena Park, CA